The Thesis

“All Roads Lead to Rome”


The key to understanding the last 100 years of Western history, from 1917-2018 and beyond, is to understand that the key interpretive principle is not class warfare as Marx supposed, but “religious warfare” of Jews against Christians and Muslims.


As King Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun”.  Historical antagonisms of the Jews against previous enemy occupiers have played out, as Jews have gained worldwide dominance in finance, media, law and government over the last century, the “Jewish Century”.  The last century has been marked by a vengeance against the descendants of Jewry’s ancient enemies.


It is fairly recognizable when it comes to the Middle East, that Israel’s occupier Babylon is meted out a vengeance on its present day representative Iraq.  Ancient Persia is Iran.  Assyria is Syria.  Egypt is Egypt.  Thus the present “War on Terror” is really a war of terror by Jews and their proxies against the Muslim peoples that occupy these lands.


What is less recognizable is Israel’s predominant antagonism against Rome.  In 70AD Rome sacked Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple, and dispersed the Jews to the four corners of the earth which became for them the Diasphora.  This exile lasted almost 2000 years.  What is less understood is that the present day Rome includes the Roman Catholic Church and all of Europe, the occupied land of the occupiers of ancient Rome.  Europe includes mainly white people, and includes Canada, Australia, America and most of Europe.


So the Jews today are at war with Christian Civilization and the whites that created it.  After all, by the fact that Jesus prophesied Jerusalem’s fall at the hands of Rome in 70ad, this makes Jesus and Christians complicit in the worst exile Jews have ever endured.


So the saying that “all roads lead to Rome’ is true in a sense not typically recognized.  The decline of civilization recognized in the last century can only be grasped as a result of a planned vengeance by Jewry against Rome, the Christian Church, the Christian Civilization it created, and the white peoples that populated and built its institutions.  “All roads lead to Rome’s destruction of Jewry in 70AD”.  This is the key to understanding modern Western history.


Everything read in today’s media must be filtered through this grid in order to see what is really happening.  The Jewish elite have created a Matrix that obscures this reality so whites and Christians are confused as to what is really going on, and therefore they cannot alter the course set by Jewish power.