The Great Divorce

Our minds in America are programmed to see things in a framework.  Decoding the framework is the key to having power over it, and seeing things as they really are rather than as we are made to see them by our programming.

“The Great Divorce” refers to the dichotomy between spirit/body, heaven/earth, church/state, faith/work, grace/law, private/public, subjective/objective, feminine/masculine.  We will outline these further soon.

The key to our liberation from this framework, the key to Redemption, is incarnational thinking.  It is to integrate these two falsely dichotomized realms into one whole.  “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” God became man.  Spirit became flesh.  Thy Kingdom came in Jesus.  Heaven has entered earth to transform it.

This is wisdom.  This is the “key to the kingdom”.

Jewish power has through the media, education system, law, entertainment, etc. imposed this false mental construct, this false consciousness, on American minds.  We act out what we think, as Proverbs says “as a man thinketh so he is”.  If the head enters, the body will follow.

Jews by imposing this on Gentiles, on Christians, dispossess them.  When Christians separate their work from their faith, their law from their faith, their church from the state, they agree to being dispossessed of the blessing God bestows on those who integrate their thinking and think “Christianly”.

We are commanded to “Rightly divide the word of truth” – 2 Tim 2:15, and the following is in effect how to go about wrongly dividing the word of truth, to disastrous consequences.  If you recognize the following patterns in your thinking, then you are like most of us affected by and infected with a gnostic, Enlightenment, Protestant, and Americanist mindset.


God                                              Man

100% God                                  100% Man

Sovereignty                               Responsibility

Jesus was beyond sin            Jesus was tempted like us in all things Hebrews

Transcendent                           Immanent

Revelation                                Reason

Scripture only                         Tradition – God speaks through Church in history

Sola Scriptura


Church                                     State

Church                                    Kingdom

My Kingdom                         is not of this world

KofOurLord&Christ          The Kingdom of this world, is become…      (Rev 11:15)

KofG                                         is not to be seen, look here Luke 17:21

King                                         of Kings (not of spirits)

Lord                                         of Lords

Christen-                                dom (inion)

Theo-                                       cracy (rule)

Theology                                Dominion …

Christian                               Civilization                             

Will be upon…                    The Government

His shoulders

Christian                             Reconstruction

Holy                                      Roman Empire                 (Germanic area)

Messiah                               The Prince                          (book title from 1800s)

Sacred                                  Secular/Profane

Religion                               Politics

In Heaven                           Our Citizenship is …

Christ                                   Culture

Christian                             Social Order

Jesus                                    was not a social reformer

Church                                should not be involved in social issues

Gospel                                 Social Gospel

Missions                            Missional

Catholic                              Social Justice                          (Father Coughlin)

Great Commission         Greatness of the Great Commission

God’s Creation                 Man’s Creation/Creation mandate Gen 1:28

Great Commission         Cultural Commission Gen 1:28

Wilderness                       Looking for a City whose A & B is God


Spirit                                 Body

Spiritual                          Material/Natural

Spirit                                Matter/Physical

Metaphysical                 Physical

Spirit                                 Body/Incarnational

Spirit                                 Flesh                       (The Word became flesh and dwelt among us)

Temple of HS                 Body                                       (Church vs. health, donuts)

Spiritual                          Carnal

In the spirit                     In the natural

Symbol only                    Transubstantiation             (Communion/Eucharist)


Spiritual warfare          Warfare

Holy                                   War                             (called a Jihad, labeled Crusades)

Just                                    War


Baptism in HSpirit      Baptism

Filled with the Spirit

Speak in tongues of angels   Speak in language


Supernatural signs&wonders

Principalities&Powers           Princes

in the heavenlies


Disembodied                      Embodied

Dematerialized                  Materialized

World burned up               World refined/renewed/regeneration/restoration

World annihilated             World Transformed

Regeneration Titus 3       In The Regeneration of all things

Destruction                          Construction              


is God                                     Looking for a City whose Architect and Builder

Heaven                                  Earth                  (On earth as it is in heaven, meek inherit earth not

                                                                                 heaven when they die, Dan 2:34-45 fill the earth)

Kingdom of Heaven        Kingdom of God

New Heaven                       New Earth

Soul go to heaven            Resurrected Body

Heavenlies                         Earthly

Rapture to heaven           Second Coming to Earth

Too heavenly minded     To be earthly good   

                                                Promised LAND         


Extraterrestrial                Terrestrial

Ethereal                              Grounded

Spacy                                   Down to Earth


New Covenant                   Old Covenant

Discontinuity                     Continuity                  (Biblical Theology)


New Age/Aeon

Church                                    Israel

Separation Church&State   Church&State Harmony

Demo-cracy                            Theo-cracy


International/NWO             National(ism)

Multi-cultural                         Culture

Universal                                  Particular



Faith                                          Works                            (Eph 2:8-12, James 2)

Faith                                          Faith & Work Movement

The Lord’s work                   Work

Faith                                         Marketplace


God                                           Everyday Life

Pastor/Priest                        Layman

Priest                                       Laity (work of the people)

Church                                    Finances/Economics              (Dave Ramsey popularity)

Sunday                                    Monday-Friday


Retirement                           Work

Vacation                                 Work  


Grace                                      Law

Under Grace                        Under Law

Morality                                Legislate         (you can’t legislate morality)

Antinomian                          Theonomy/Biblical Law

Auto-nomy (self)                God’s Law

Lawlessness (increases)

Theo-                                     nomy

God’s                                      Law

Biblical                                 Law

Natural                                 Law


Secular Law                        Sharia Law

Caliphate                             Government

Church                                 Discipline                                (is like Inquisition)

Church                                Judicial                                    (Inquisition)


Eternal                                    Temporal/Time

Ahistorical                             Historical

End Times=eschatological   Time

Last Days                                History

A-cross                                    Along

CROSS                                    RESURRECTION

Discontinuity                        Continuity


God                                     World

Deism                                   Incarnational

World  Judged                    World Saved                           (John 3:16-17)

Other worldly                      Worldly

Church                                  World (not of the world)

World is evil

World gone to hell in a handbasket

Satan god of this world

Politics is dirty

Save                                     The World                              (I John 4:14)

Olam                                   Tikkun

Supernatural                      Natural

Nothingness                       All Things

Supra-creational               Creation

Material world (material girl)



Born again                  Born/Generational

Adult Baptism            Child Baptism

Spiritual seed             Natural seed





Suburban                    Urban

Country                        City


Feminine                    Masculine

Women                       Men    (Why Men Hate Going To Church)

Mother                        Father

Home                           World



In                                    Out

Internal                        External

Interior                        Exterior

Subjective                    Objective

Inward                         Outward

In my heart

Is within you               The KofHeaven …


Private                      Public

Naked                           Public Square                         (Richard ??)

Personal (Savior)        Lord of Lords/King of Kings

Personal Salvation     Save the World

Personal Sin                Social Sin/Systemic Sin in social structures

Individual                    Corporate

Individual                    Societal

Self                                Society

Anti-social                   Social

Invisible                       Visible


Invisible Church         Local Church

Church Universal        Local Church

Church Militant


Empty                           Fill all things (Ephesians 1)

Asceticism=                 Worldly

Against the world

Pietism (self/inner)    Social Gospel

Private Morality          Public Good


Second Coming          Session/Dan 7:13-14

U-topia                         Topia/topographical

Demo-cracy                 Theo-cracy

People/man                God



Renew spirit                Renewing of the mind/noos

Repentasforgiveness  Repent as meta-noia


War/Crusades            Spiritual Warfare