How Jews Brought America to the Tipping Point on Marriage Equality

by Amy Dean In a few short years, same-sex marriage went from being an untouchable political hot potato to a broadly accepted civil right in eighteen states and the District of Columbia. Jews, and their social justice organizations, helped make that happen. In fact, this magazine was a prophetic voice of marriage equality, supporting same-sex […]

The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives

To realize their fantasies of world domination, the neocons resorted to a triple discourse, as Laurent Guyénot shows in this study, i.e. a cynical political philosophy developed by their mentor Leo Strauss for domestic consumption; a cold analysis of Israeli strategic interests for the benefit of the leaders in Tel Aviv, and a fear-mongering warning against imaginary […]

The Secret of All History is Found in The Book of Daniel – Jay Dyer

By: Jay Dyer One’s philosophy of history is determined by one’s worldview – and most people do not even consider their own philosophy of history, or even whether there is such a thing. Never the less, everyone has a philosophy history (and a philosophy overall), whether they know it or not.  As we have seen […]

Catholic Church 1891 on The Jewish Question

The nineteenth century will soon close upon Europe, leaving behind a very sad question, because of which, in the twentieth century, there will perhaps result such calamitous consequences that it will be definitively resolved and brought to a conclusion. We allude to the badly phrased “Semitic question”, or more strictly speaking, the Jewish question, which […]

Defending Constantine

Constantine is the guy everybody loves to hate. He gets blamed for everything: empire, compromise, greed, warfare, corruption, idolatry, syncretism, torture, murder, the Crusades, slavery, and the length of the word “Constantinople.” His reputation is such that hardly anybody has a sufficiently robust background in biblical, liturgical, historical and political theology to say a good […]

Charlemagne’s Empire: The Resurrection of Rome on the Ruins of Usurers and Frauds

This essay will examine the relations of Roman Catholicism and the New Rome created by Charles the Great in the late 8th and early 9th centuries.1 The Life of Charlemagne by Einhard makes several references to this relation in his sections on conquest as well as the emperor’s personal piety. The literature on this essential […]