Who’s leading the fight to censor the internet? hmmm…

Jewish Intellectual Activism for Internet Control The Occidental Observer/July 24, 2018/by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. Back in March, the sixth biennial meeting of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened in Israel. Run by the Israeli government, hosted by Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed by former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, and staffed by a large cast of Jewish […]

NY Times Op Ed: ‘Trump is either a Russian asset or really enjoys playing one on TV’

From The Ugly Truth Mark Glenn ed note–that’s right ladies and Gentile-men, the NYT…The most unabashedly pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-Neocon ‘newspaper of record’ in America, which literally sets the pace politically not only for DC, but for the rest of the country, coming out and saying that Trump is a ‘secret agent’ for the Russians. Is […]

The Untouchable Mr. Browder? – The Browder affair is a heady upper-class Jewish cocktail of money, spies, politicians and international crime.

ISRAEL SHAMIR • JUNE 20, 2016 William F. Browder, Chief Executive Officer Hermitage Capital Management. Copyright by World Economic Forum swiss-image.ch/Photo by Michael Wuertenberg. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Chapeau, Mr Browder! Hats off for this incredible man. Last month, he succeeded in stopping a film screening in the European parliament and took off a few articles from American web sites. This […]

Solzhenitsyn breaks last taboo of Russia’s revolution: The Jewish role

Nick Paton Walsh at The Guardian Sat, 25 Jan 2003 18:56 UTC Nobel laureate under fire for new book on the role of Jews in Soviet-era repression Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who first exposed the horrors of the Stalinist gulag, is now attempting to tackle one of the most sensitive topics of his writing career – the […]

Israel points the finger at Russia

WAYNE MADSEN | 12.07.2018 | WORLD / MIDDLE EAST Israeli Cyber-Election Meddling Is Its Newest Industry Those US and British politicians who are bashing Russia for foreign “election meddling” could use a more honest set of talking points. It is Israel, not Russia, China, or North Korea, that hosts a blossoming industry of cyber-election meddlers who operate from corporate […]

Romanov murder twist: Investigators consider ‘ritual killing’ theory

Investigators plan to conduct “psychological and historical analysis” to verify a theory that the killing of last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family in 1918 was a sacrifice made by the Bolsheviks in a bid for global domination. “Investigators plan to undertake psychological and historical analysis to establish if the shooting of the Russian […]

Russian patriarch heads 100,000-strong procession honoring Romanovs’ martyrdom

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia during a religious procession to mark the 100th anniversary of the royal family’s execution, in Yekaterinburg © Pavel Lisitsyn / Sputnik About 100,000 pilgrims led by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, have walked 21 kilometers in a solemn procession commemorating the 100th anniversary of the killing […]

The Political Origins and Esoteric Universe of Marvel

The gradual disintegration of traditional religions has reached its final stage. The modern world in general, and the West in particular, have had to replace prominent figures of the public imagination (biblical prophets, Christ, ancient heroes, influential historical figures) with new ones. Hence the rise of all sorts of “stars”, self-made men and new messianic, […]

1 year of liberation: Mosul people living among rubble & dead bodies while ISIS still around

Destroyed buildings are seen in the old city of Mosul, February 24, 2018 © Alaa al-Marjani / Reuters Dead bodies, ruined houses and the risk of Islamists coming back are only a few perils people in Mosul have to cope with. Life in the liberated city is still full of fears, hopelessness and grief, RT’s […]

After Condemning Roseanne’s Racism, Media Defends James Gunn’s ‘Jokes’ About Raping Children

Los Angeles, CA – Conservative media pundit Mike Cernovich exposed Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s history of making pedophilic tweets and “joking” about child rape, but rather than media outrage about Gunn’s “jokes” involving sexually assaulting and raping children, the mainstream media circled the wagons to defend the Hollywood director. After his extremely […]