Name Names

Sun Tzu said in order to win a war you must Know Yourself and you must Know your Enemy.

The problem among virtually all Christians and conservatives, among alternative media and all critics of Governement, is that they do not name the enemy.  They may call it the elite, or the shadow government, the prestitutes, the banksters, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the deep state, or a plethora of other names.  But they do not name the real and central power behind these so called entities.

We at name the Jewish people as that power behind the other powers.  We do not mean only religiously Jewish people, but ethnically and racially Jewish people.  The Jewish people define “ethnic networking”.  And though it is said that if you get two Jews in a room you’ll get three opinions, when it comes to their operations as a whole they work as a united front for their ethnic interests.  “Is it good for the Jews?” is the operative question that directs their paths.

So here at we will name names.  It isn’t as easy to determine who is in the Illuminati or the Deep State as it is to know who is a Jew by ethnicity.  We will show you how to determine that through an interpretive grid.  By knowing a first name, a last name, family members’ names, location of birth or origin, professions, etc it is fairly easy to determine Jewish ethnicity.  Or at least reliably easy.

Once you grasp the interpretive principles you will be astounded just how many Jewish people are in positions of power, in media, government, banking, education, your local court system, your local political positions, lawyers, entertainment, Hollywood, marketing, psychology, publishing, etc.

Bobby Fischer said in the 1990s that there are not merely 6-7 million Jewish people in America, but more like 20 million.  You may come to the same conclusion when you see start naming names.