First Jewish Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, Leader of Pharisee society

Nathan Straus (founder of Macy’s Department store), Louis Brandeis, and Rabbi Stephen Wise The Parushim: A Secret Episode in American Zionist History Sarah Schmidt American Jewish Historical Quarterly Sep 1975-Jun 1976; 65. l-4; AJHS Journal pg. 121 Horace M. Kallen, the social philosopher best known in American intellectual history for his theory of cultural pluralism, […]

The Jewish Inquisition: Canadian Woman age 59 Jailed for “Thought Crime”

The Jewish Inquisition: Canadian Woman, 59, Arrested in Germany for Thought Crime, Faces 18 Years in Prison PHOTO: Bloomberg In Germany, it’s apparently socially encouraged to flaunt one’s sexual perversions, to capitalize on sexual perversion, to teach children about sexual prevision and to look the other way when migrants from second- and third-world countries commit grotesque acts of sexual perversion and rape against […]

How Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may affect issues that matter to Jews

Photo Gloria Steinem Jewish Feminist CIA asset Progressive groups concerned Trump’s nominee may be threat to reproductive rights while Orthodox group welcome his record on religious liberty ed note by Mark Glenn at The Ugly Truth–again, without even reading the piece itself but merely considering the TITLE underscores the gorilla in the room which no […]

How They Do It– ‘Will Brett Kavanaugh Push Supreme Court Further Out Of Step With America?’

Introductory Comment by Mark Glenn at The Ugly Truth Organized Jewish interests do not care about the general consensus on the part of a host people. Their energies are not, never have been, and never will be directed towards ‘going along to get along’ or of respecting the norms and customs of a host people, […]

Five Myths about No-Fault Divorce

By Stephen Baskerville Almost four decades after the “no-fault” divorce revolution began in California, misconceptions abound. Even the many books about divorce, including myriad self-help manuals, are full of inaccurate and misleading information. No public debate preceded the introduction of no-fault divorce laws in the 1970s, and no debate has taken place since. Yet divorce-on-demand is […]