Audio: Communism by the Backdoor

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (728) Dennis Wise – Communism By The Backdoor July 24, 2018 by achitchcock In today’s show originally broadcast on July 24 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dennis Wise, for a show entitled, “Communism By The Backdoor.” We discussed: the background to, “Communism By The Backdoor,”; how restricting Free Speech is one […]

The Political Origins and Esoteric Universe of Marvel

The gradual disintegration of traditional religions has reached its final stage. The modern world in general, and the West in particular, have had to replace prominent figures of the public imagination (biblical prophets, Christ, ancient heroes, influential historical figures) with new ones. Hence the rise of all sorts of “stars”, self-made men and new messianic, […]

Jay Dyer, What’s the Endgame for the atheistic, materialistic science meme?

Jay Dyer looks at what lies behind scientism and atheism. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko… Alex Tsakiris: If you go to the website [Edinburgh Secret Society] there’s this big picture, prominently displayed, of this guy completely outfitted in this satanic kind of thing, right? So it’s like, “Hey man, it’s cool, we’re all atheists, […]

No-fault Divorce is a Communist/Marxist innovation to weaken the family

From Wikipedia The first modern no-fault divorce law was enacted in Russia in December 1917 following the October Revolution of the same year. Regarding marriage as a bourgeois institution, the new government transferred divorce jurisdiction from the Russian Orthodox Church to the state courts, which could grant it on application of either spouse. A new family code was passed in 1926. […]

On the Third Secret of Fatima

By Robert Sungenis Review of On the Third Secret of Fatima, authored by Kevin J. Symonds, ISBN: 978-0-9988940-5-8, published by En Route Books and Media, 2017. Although Jeff Langan recently wrote a review of Symonds’ book for Culture Wars’ July-August issue, I asked Mike Jones if I could do a counter-article on Symonds’ book. Whereas […]