After Condemning Roseanne’s Racism, Media Defends James Gunn’s ‘Jokes’ About Raping Children

Los Angeles, CA – Conservative media pundit Mike Cernovich exposed Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s history of making pedophilic tweets and “joking” about child rape, but rather than media outrage about Gunn’s “jokes” involving sexually assaulting and raping children, the mainstream media circled the wagons to defend the Hollywood director. After his extremely […]

Gay Sex is ‘Satanic’ Because it Treats Semen with the ‘Most Disrespect Humanly Possible’

On the September 27, 2016 broadcast of The Daily Traditionalist, a guest host interviewed Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson about the connection between gay sex and the black arts. Fr. Johnson — a priest at the Holy Protection Orthodox Chapel in Fayetteville, PA, and member of Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party — remarked that author E. Michael Jones […]