The Special Jewish Role in Passage of the 1965 Immigration Law

By Kevin MacDonald I seem to be up to my eyeballs lately defending my writing on Jewish issues. In the wake of Nathan Cofnas’s attack on The Culture of Critique  (to which I responded here and here; note Cofnas does not dispute my scholarship on immigration), the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by Abraham Miller, an emeritus professor of political science at […]

“Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”: A Review of Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims

“Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”: A Review of Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims by Nicolai Sennels Nicolai Sennels, Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims Helsingborg, Sweden: Logik Förlag, 2018. The reader of Holy Wrath is likely to be overwhelmed by a single question: Why would a peaceful, progressive, and prosperous society such as Denmark invest resources to […]

The Heart of the Matter: Why Do Jewish Elites Hate Europeans?

Matthew Raphael Johnson The practices of the Jews are malevolent and despicable, and have entrenched themselves by their very degeneracy. Deviants of the most depraved kind who had no use for the religion of their predecessors, they took to collecting dues and contributions in order to swell the Jewish treasury; and other reasons for their […]

Sharia for the Netherlands?

The Muslim refugees pouring into Europe and threatening to undermine it as well as America’s culture and future cannot be denied.  Donald Trump was elected partly or largely under the banner of putting a stop to this in the USA. We at will explore the threat Isalm poses to the so called Christian West, […]

How Western wars and have uprooted millions and created the immigration crisis

ed note (from Mark Glenn)–like many things these days, it is indeed the ultimate ‘no-brainer’ that (at least as it pertains to those in the Middle East made refugees by all the murder and mayhem inflicted by the Judaized West) war and the immigration problem go as much hand in hand with each other as […]