1 year of liberation: Mosul people living among rubble & dead bodies while ISIS still around

Destroyed buildings are seen in the old city of Mosul, February 24, 2018 © Alaa al-Marjani / Reuters Dead bodies, ruined houses and the risk of Islamists coming back are only a few perils people in Mosul have to cope with. Life in the liberated city is still full of fears, hopelessness and grief, RT’s […]

How They Do It– The twin belly dancers who took Cairo and the world by storm

Very few people knew that the talented Jamal sisters were, in reality, Helena and Bertha Fishel, Jewish sisters. ed note by Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth–to some, a seemingly innocuous and even irrelevant story, but one which actually speaks entire volumes about ‘how they do it’. Keep in mind that belly dancing was more […]

The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I)

By Wayne Madsen There is a historical “eight hundred pound gorilla” lurking in the background of almost every serious military and diplomatic incident involving Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, the Kurds, the Assyrians, and some other players in the Middle East and southeastern Europe. It is a factor that is generally only […]

Donmeh Jews & the Armenian Genocide

By Nathanial Kappner Business as usual is a powerful motivating force especially when Jews like the Rothschilds are running an oil business. Banking is the forte of the Jewish House of Rothschild. But raw materials–especially oil–are money in the bank. The Young Turk movement, AKA Committee of Union and Progress, arose out of the Rothschilds’ oil interests in the Black Sea […]

The Jewish Origins of Islam

Edouard-Marie Gallez, Le Messie et son prophete: aux origins de l’Islam. Paris: Studia Arabica, dirigee par Marie-Therese Urvoy. Tome I: De Qumran a Muhammad. 4th edition, 2012. 523 pp. 35 Euros. Tome II: Du Muhammad des Califes au Muhammad de l’histoire. 2010. Pp 574. 39 Euros. Reviewed by Anne Barbeau Gardiner In his groundbreaking book, Le messie et son prophete: Aux origines de l’Islam, Edouard-Marie Gallez lifts the veil and lets us see the historical roots of Islam. He shows it originating in a vast movement of messianic Jews […]