Who’s leading the fight to censor the internet? hmmm…

Jewish Intellectual Activism for Internet Control The Occidental Observer/July 24, 2018/by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. Back in March, the sixth biennial meeting of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened in Israel. Run by the Israeli government, hosted by Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed by former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, and staffed by a large cast of Jewish […]

The Political Origins and Esoteric Universe of Marvel

The gradual disintegration of traditional religions has reached its final stage. The modern world in general, and the West in particular, have had to replace prominent figures of the public imagination (biblical prophets, Christ, ancient heroes, influential historical figures) with new ones. Hence the rise of all sorts of “stars”, self-made men and new messianic, […]

Edward Bernays is the father of Public Relations not Bearnaise Sauce

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1891 Edward Bernays was surrounded with powerful and famous family members, which provided him with an enormous amount of resources and connections from the start. Although, he would create a legacy of his own.   Known around the world as The Father of Public Relations, Bernays used his uncle’s ideas […]

Putin Confronts The American Dystopia

By Paul Craig Roberts,  Undersecretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan and creator of “Reaganomics” We have to hand it to Putin. He is the best that there is. Note the ease with which he mopped up the floor with that idiot Chris Wallace. https://www.rt.com/usa/433447-putin-interview-fox-wallace/ What is wrong with the US media that it cannot produce a […]

Dems Put Finishing Touches on One-Party ‘Surveillance Superstate’

By MIKE WHITNEY  The Democratic Party has made a strategic decision to bypass candidates from its progressive wing and recruit former members of the military and intelligence agencies to compete with Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. The shift away from liberal politicians to center-right government agents and military personnel is part of a broader […]