The Theft of the Century – Looting of Russia 1990s

Grand Deception: The American Deep State’s Role in 1990s Raid on Russia Alex Krainer Sun, 22 Jul 2018 17:03 UTC The following article is part 4 in a six-part series on Russia’s transition from communism to capitalism during the 1990s. Links to previous posts: introduction, part 1, part 2, part 3. It is an excerpt from Chapter 3 […]

An Outline of Putin’s Success: Authoritarianism, Tradition and the Survival of Russia

By Matthew Raphael Johnson at The Orthodox Nationalist I. In 1994, the western-backed President Boris Yeltsin, in the midst of the economic collapse, called for a “strong state” in Russia. This was because the state remained the only organized power to stop the looting of the economy by a handful of oligarchs who then founded […]

Russia Has Awoken and the New Russian Revolution Has Deposed Yahweh

Following on the heels of the organized collapse of the Soviet Union, the global Jewish Lobby was able to install Boris Yeltsin (alias Jelzman) in the Kremlin. Once they had seized control of Russia’s natural resources, they believed they could rule forever, or at least as long as they were operating under the protection of […]