Audio Links

Matthew Raphael Johnson’s Rusjournal podcast Listen here is a premier source for a positive Christian perspective on Russia and Russian Orthodoxy.  To read his articles or order books visit here


Frederick Blackburn’s Blackbird 9   Visit his podcast lounge here offers a top flight analysis of Jewish power and its impact in our world.  Blackburn was a 32nd degree mason, he provides a relaxed format with his marked southern drawl and charm.


E. Michael Jones videos visit his youtube channel  dispersed throughout the net offer the freshest insight and perspective on the world today! Jones is a traditionalist style Catholic with a gift for clear and crisp commentary on the news and world situation.


Dennis Fetcho’s Inside the Eye Live  Listen here has been running since 2006 or so.  Fetcho is one of the first Jew aware hosts on the web, and is lively as he is cutting in his analysis.


Jay Dyer’s Jay’s Analysis  listen here provides a millenial’s take on Jewish intrigues.   Jay is a bright and articulate man in his late 30s who is Eastern Orthodox in his Christian faith.


Timothy Kelly provides lively interviews in Our Interesting Times Listen here

My favorite series is Powers & Principalities with Joe Atwill, although I wouldn’t recommend his Caesar’s Messiah or his views on Christianity specifically.


Darryl Bradford Smith is one of the more entertaining and passionate personalities on the web, unfortunately he stopped broadcasting around 2007, listen to him here


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock does 5 interviews weekly, to listen to his radio archives visit here


Mami’s Shit uploads 15-20 different audio shows and adds updates daily, visit


The late Michael Collins Piper was on the cutting edge of the Jewish subject years before others, Listen here


Eric Karlstrom is great on the subject of gangstalking and his overview of the Jewish problem when it enters his analysis visit his youtube channel


Michael Walsh is a charming veteran in the subject, a regular guest on and Andrew Carrington Hitchock’s shows Listen here


Paul English on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Listen here