The Enemy’s Tactic – Marxist Dialectic

Divide & Conquer                                      

Class Warfare       Anti-thesis                                            Thesis                                     Synthesis= “social”

                                                                                                                                                Engineering,soc justice,program


Race Wars             PoC, People of Color, Brown             White, Pale&stale                Race Mixing,deracination, equality

Black, Hispanic,Jew, Arabs/sand nigs                                               affirm act,race quotas, Civil Rights

“brotherhood” of man

CountryofOrigin   Eastern Europeans, Ital, Greeks       NorthWest European          Open Immigration

Gender Wars        Woman, Matriarchy, Feminism         Men, Patriarcy                      Gender bending, gender neutral,

Women’s lib                                                                                              androgynous,feminized boys,butch

Battleofsexes        Mothers                                                 Fathers                                    Shared custody

Family                    Divorce, single mother                      Nuclear Family, Marr          Blended Family, Alternative family

Traditional Family               Dept Child&Fam DCF, Family Law

Scarlet letter “A” Adultery                Married w/Children tv.       Full House then Modern Fam t.v.

Divorce                                                  Marriage                                Live Together, No-fault Divorce

No judgment on divorcer

Singles                                                    Couples                                  (churches singles dept)

Couples with no children                   Fams/Couples w/children  (churches address)

Generation Gap    Child, Youth Rebellion                        Parent                                    Democracy, friends

(mothers work, child                                                                           It takes a village

in school, divorce, custody)

Adult child                                             Senior                                    Medicare, Soc Securit

Age                        Youth                                                      Old Farts,stale/pale             No respect

Sexual                   LGBTQ, domestic partnership           Straight                                  Alternative Lifestyle, Gay Marriage

Homo-sexual                                                                                         Bi-sexual

Sexual Orientation   trans-gender                                    cisgender                             Unisex bathroom

Class warfare       Proletariat, working class, unions    Bourgeoise                            Socialism/Communis

Lower class, poor, blue collar            Upper, rich, white co          take from rich, give p

Labor                                                      Capital                                    Worker’s paradise

Politics                  Liberal, Democrat                                Conserv., Republican          Bi-partisan politics

Communist, anti-fa                              Capitalist, fascist                  Political Correctness

Fox News                                               MSM, CNN                             Alternative media, alt right, antifa

Truth mvmnt                                         Official Story                         Truth Movement coopted

State                      Cities, Coastland                                   Heartland, “deplorables”

New York, Blue State                           Indiana, MidW,Blue            Purple StateofMind

North, Union                                         South, Confederates

Culture wars         Muti-culturalism                                 Western Civilization            Multi-culturalism, diversity training

Illegal, immigrants, refugees             Citizens                                  Open Society,

Mexicans, Muslims/Africans              Europeans                             No borders

Clash of Civils        Christian                                              Muslim                                   Mixing in Europe & U.S.

Religious Wars        Non-X, Jewish, Muslim                 Christian                               COEXIST, OneWorldRelig                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sep Church/State, liberte,

Protestant                                             Catholic/Orthodox               Nat/World Council of Churches

Evangelical                                            Mainline

Fundamentalist                                     Evangelical

Pentecostal Spirit filled                      Evangelical

Government           Government                                    People, Populism                 Police State, surveilance

Military, Police                                     Citizens

Wars                       America                                                 Muslim/Middle East            United Nations

Health                    Disabled, addicted, mental health    Able, normal                       Obamacare, no preexisting




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