NY Times Op Ed: ‘Trump is either a Russian asset or really enjoys playing one on TV’

From The Ugly Truth

Mark Glenn ed note–that’s right ladies and Gentile-men, the NYT…The most unabashedly pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-Neocon ‘newspaper of record’ in America, which literally sets the pace politically not only for DC, but for the rest of the country, coming out and saying that Trump is a ‘secret agent’ for the Russians.

Is this because of Trump’s stance on immeeeegrayshun?


Is this because of Trump’s stance on the 2nd Amendment?


Is this because of Trump’s stance on the right to life on the part of the yet-to-be-born/soon-to-be-born?


It is all about Trump’s stance on 3 issues–





Rest assured, that with as deeply dug as Israel’s tentacles are within the JMSM in America that if Nutty Netty & co did not want OpEds of this type running in the most unabashedly pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-Neocon ‘newspaper of record’ in America, then they would not be, and in fact, what we would see in their place would be daily demonstrations of every conceivable type of political puffery imaginable.

For those who still cling to their favorite conspiracy theory du jour, here’s a news flash for you–The war against Trump on the part of OJI is real and by adding your voices to the rest of those making up the Judaic Shillharmoinc Orchestra trying to break Trump to Israel’s will vis a vis more war, you are in effect acting as the plaything of the very monsters against whom you claim to be fighting.


New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman tore into President Trump for his comments during a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling the president’s behavior “perverse” and claiming Trump “is either an asset of Russian intelligence or really enjoys playing one on TV.”

Friedman wrote in a column, published Monday, that there is “overwhelming evidence that our president … is … engaged in treasonous behavior.”

“To watch an American president dis his own intelligence agencies, blame both sides for the Russian hacking of our election — and deliberately try to confuse the fact that there is still no solid proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia with the fact that Russia had its own interest in trying to defeat the anti-Putin Hillary Clinton — actually made me sick to my stomach,” the columnist wrote.

Friedman calls for Americans to press Republican congressional candidates over Trump’s comments, saying voters should ask, “Are you with Trump and Putin or are you with the CIA, FBI and [National Security Agency]?”

Trump sparked massive backlash Monday after he said he believes Putin’s denials of Russian interference in the 2016 election, despite U.S. intelligence agencies concluding that the Kremlin meddled in the elections.

The president said he believes “both parties,” while naming some of his intelligence officials, but he didn’t “see any reason why” Russia would interfere in the election.

The comments ignited a firestorm in Washington and received condemnation from both Republicans and Democrats.