Israeli military secretary invokes God against Gazans – Sounds like hate speech to me

IDF commander who invoked G-d appointed Defense Minister’s military secretary

Lieberman appoints Ofer Winter, who was media target during ‘Protective Edge,’ when he invoked ‘G-d of Israel’ to soldiers heading to battle.

From The Ugly Truth – ed note by Mark Glenn– again, as much as there will be those–whether they are the Neturei Karta types making the fallacious claim that ‘Judaism and Zionism are different and distinct’, or the ‘Mondoweiss’ types and others on the left who claim that Zionism is only a ‘political/secular’ phenomenon, or whether it is Christians of various stripes who cling to the words of Moses ordering the Israelites to ‘slaughter everything in sight’ and to ‘leave nothing alive that breathes’ as much as they do the words of Jesus Christ–the fact of the matter is that the Brig Gen Winter was right to invoke the ‘G-d of Israel’ prior to the feral dogs of the IDF initiating their massacre of Gentiles, because this is what Torah Judaism commands, and it is only the WILLFULLY blind who refuse to acknowledge this fact when the truth is staring them in the face literally in black and white letters whose message is impossible to contort or take out of context.

Israel National News

Brigadier General Ofer Winter will be appointed military secretary of the defense minister, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman decided today, in consultation with Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot.

Ofer Winter

Upon his appointment to the position, Brigadier General Winter will replace Brig. Gen. Yair Coles, who served as military secretary in recent years. The date of the official replacement will be determined soon.

Winter is currently the head of Central Command headquarters. In the past he was commander of the Givati ​​brigade, commander of the northern brigade in the Gaza Strip, commander of the 646 brigade, commander of the Duvdevan unit and commander of the Givati ​​reconnaissance battalion.

He began his career at the “Or Etzion” boarding school and later at the Bnei David pre-military program. He lives in Mitzpe Netofa, married to Revital and father of eight.

Winter suffered from a media onslaught during Operation Protective Edge, when he commanded the Givati brigade and wrote a “battle command page” for his soldiers, in which he said, “History chose us to be at the forefront of the battle against the terrorist Gazan enemy that curses, reviles and insults the G-d of Israel. I turn my eyes to the heavens and call out with you, ‘Hear O Israel, Hashem our G-d, Hashem is One.’ Hashem the G-d of Israel, make our path successful, as we ready to fight for your nation, Israel, against an enemy who curses your name.”

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