You Say you want a Revolution? Yahweh the God of the Old Testament calls for endless war and Revolution

“Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.” (Deuteronomy 13:8-9)

By Staś

War Revolutions and magic are made to bring about the Fulfillment of Old Testament Biblical law? This notion is never openly discussed or even thought about.

It is also never discussed that war and revolution are revenge for victory by Rome or Babylon against Judea. Revenge for the victory of Jesus Christ.

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Yet why not? Just because a revolution might be spoken about as communistic and “godless” does not mean such things do not serve Judaism.

Throw away your conspiracy notebooks. You don’t need 8 years of grad school attempting to figure out the difficult to understand “Hegelian dialectic .”

You don’t need to be “red pilled”

You need to read and become a realist about religion and politics.

A very cold unfeeling realist. Only then will you not get sucked into some kind of intellectual trap.

Perhaps you will come to realize that there has been at the core of it  an ongoing war  a “Biblical War” between the chosen  vs. the “other”

You are the “other”.

The Gentiles are now more then ever at war with themselves. Abortion and suicide continue to go up.

The ongoing feminist revolution is “godless” yet at  it’s core feminism is a violent  political movement about abortion.

Dig deep enough a lot of politics is quite “Biblical”.

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The Abortion Revolution

Few dare admit the strongest advocates of abortion and “the pill” are Jews. Fewer would admit  the abortion movement has been fostered  by a religion and that has it’s original foundation built in  human sacrifice. One wonders  will human and animal  sacrifice take place again  upon restoration of “the Temple.

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As some have said abortion is nothing but, a throw back to ancient child sacrifice. In any case enthusiasm for abortion seems to have drastically  increased because of backlash from Trump.

Is abortion and violent political revolution really against the wishes of the supremacist god of the OT?

Quite the contrary

Psalm 137:9

Happy the one who takes and dashes Your little ones against the rock!

Magic, “social engineering” & Mind control cause War and Revolution. We are now clearly in the thick of the finale world wide Jewish war and  Revolution to fulfill the rules of the Old Testament.

Countless people would cry out and say “No the “good book” is the way and salvation from all these evil things.”

I would say read it again. I would also say it the Bible the “Torah” is not for you. Your “the other”.

Even the political side of the faith the “Holy Roman” Catholic Church” was created by the Roman Empire in an attempt to suppress the religion of the very   warlike Judea tribe. Christianity a loving submissive religion. Failed to stop the popularity  and the strength of this  religion conceived by a war tribe.

You can see it in this day and age. Everyone wants to be “Jewish” The “other” people always have it wrong.

America a great power like Rome is all caught up in connecting to the appealing idea of being the favorite chosen people of a singular father-like god who will  destroy all your enemies.

You are right “they” are wrong. We must make the world safe for “Democracy.”  Trump is going against this idea with the idea the he is great and will get you a good deal. It is a big difference.

Yes, people try to run and hide from the painful fact that. The rules for the subjugation and destruction  of “all gentiles” is clearly stated often in the words of the OT.

It is much to painful. It is suppressed that Christ himself  rebelled against  the exclusivity of it.

Mel Gibson  in his movie The Passion of the Christ was the only rebellion of the Gentile after 911. The movie simply states what the New Test. said that the Jews themselves killed Christ  not the Romans.

The New Testament can be weaponized as well but that is another topic.

The OT is the key. Everything else is just a cover. Powerful groups like the wealthy Freemasons and the Mormons  the Protestant denominations of all kinds back up the  OT They back up the richest men in the world who are lets’s face it almost all exclusively OT Jewish.

Incredible as it seems liberal entertainers with seemly  huge audiences. Play at being liberal free and secular they all lie. Talk show host and comics Bill MaherSarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler  are blatant Israel Supremacist.

Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel play act when their friend Harvey Weinstein is   at last taken down.

They want to see Trump dead. They drive the Gentile world into decadence and idiocy.

Listen to what they say behind all there lofty “liberal” talk they are warriors for Judea 100%.

Looking at the OT as a document for Supremacy and domination. Then any abomination against the “other” the gentile is just and “good”.

This means that death or slavery is the destiny of all gentiles not just the white or the black but Asian as well.

There are forces gathering to oppose the Mighty State of Israel and her twin lackeys  the US and GB.

But for now all that stands in the way is the Realpolitik of the current world empire Donald J. Trump.

He is the new Ceaser in the eyes of the Jews.

He has a bizarre love hate relationship with the Jews as Titus did. Thinking he Trump is under their complete control is wrong. Thinking that he will not when he can do what they want if it doesn’t hurt his interest  is just as wrong.

The backlash against Israel is growing. With or without Trump. The US Empire is trying to save herself just as Rome did.

But from the beginning it as been a bi polar fight between being a Biblical OT America and an America  influenced by Roman and  Greek logic.

At this time the left of America the women the feminist  the left leaning Jews themselves the identity PC political  police SJW types have worked themselves up into a frenzy. They show outward signs of mental illness. They  are a twisted form of an anti-Christian secular Christian and out and out Satanic people. It is a movement  that is  emotional and hyper sexual. The western liberal is hyper narcissistic. I will talk about it latter in this passage but is essential to note that the liberal in the west is talking and looking an acting like a new version of the FRENCH REVOLUTION .

The reaction to the liberal and the feminist is often just as bad  for it has created it is the far “alt-right” and the CONSPIRACY EXPERT. Many of these guys are FAKE.

This is funny because their dreaded opposition likes to get all upset about the sins of the left  in a “Biblical sense” Because the rust belt and the Bible Belt are one in the same..  But in reality they the “deplorable” don’t care. Because they are poor.

They have nothing to lose.

Again decade after decade of the loss of industrial jobs and poor education the American working man or should I say non working man does not care.

Many direct a lot of there anger towards Islamic people blacks ect, and   many have simply  “fallen”

The same holds true for the UK and much of the EU.

Can Trump and the  Brexit UK politicians keep the bulk of the people happy?

Can it hold?

Who knows?

The “crash” the real crash will be “Biblical.”

If you think they are fooling around regarding Trump  think of the photo of the vile comedian Kathy Griffen.  The one of her with the severed head of the President. Would they allow that to happen to Obama or Bush?

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The Rebuilding of Jerusalem. The Temple must be rebuilt. The end of the world is at hand?


This is a long rant about what I see as an unstoppable world wide revolution to change mankind into a very willing and useful slaves. Or quite literally exterminate themselves.

I contend were are now part of a world revolution. America and the EU are a large part but not the whole.

It is a revolt against Christ but also it is also following the rules of the OT.

This is a bold and conspiratorial statement. But if you take a look at  most if not all the wars and revolutions. Behind the facade of why the wars had to be fought or revolutions had to be conducted.

Wars serve the OT. From the invasion of tiny  Granada because President Bishop was a charismatic supporter  of the Palestinian cause to the massive  civil war in Europe known as “WWII” that  delivered Palestine to the Jewish people.

Set aside all your standard Military History at the core of it WWII was very very Biblical.

To me WWII was a war that was instigated so that the inferior gentiles would do themselves in. Goy vs. Goy slave vs. Slave.

Don’t believe it? The God of the OT instructs his followers to wipe out every other nation but his beloved Israel.  What happened in WWII?

I also believe that this movement to change and take over the world is not just Communism or even capitalism. Even though this movements have done more then their fair share to deliver power to the Jews.

It is the fulfillment of Biblical Old Testament Law. The wars the subversion the revolutions the espionage all lead to this Biblical Fulfillment of total animation the non Jew and the Temple rebuilt and some kind of Messiah or ruler will emerge.

I don’t like to even discuss this arrival of a ruler  or leader because it sounds to dramatic like something out of a horror movie, but i think it is real.

These kinds of topics and ideas that we are only allowed to be read about in a very controlled manor.

In this way the way of the OT law the Slav the Muslim the Roman the Viking even the Asian are all united in the fact that they must be wiped out.

Yet we the “gentile” the goy continue to fight one another the black vs the white. All  and I mean all gentiles are destined for destruction. This is where the white nationalist types have it wrong. Because both the black and the white the Slav and the Germanic are destined for death or slavery. Either you get caught up in a war or revelation or live in the ME you get killed personally.  In the modern era you die by abortion or by your own hand a slave.

Leviticus 25:44-45

And as for your male and female slaves whom you may have — from the nations that are around you, from them you may buy male and female slaves. Moreover you may buy the children of the strangers who dwell among you, and their families who are with you, which they beget in your land; and they shall become your property.

Not even simply just Zionism. It is any system either covert or overtly will bring Israel and the Jews total political cultural and even direct military domination if possible.

Zionism is just a very important passionate political movement that is pro Jewish  but it is only one aspect of Judaism. The bigger  story is  the Laws of the Jews that is  the OT.

One  thing that I find particular fascinating is that there was intense Jewish involvement within the leadership of the French Revolution and the Russia Revolution yet knowledge of this is very suppressed.

You will notice we are never permitted to discuss like  men in the western world. The core of what is behind our very worst problems.

Indeed to read about anything counter to the very pro Jewish narrative of the Western world is difficult. You have to read between the lines.

No one knows why the great empires fell. Decade after decade of the loss industrialization in the West and complete and utter moral desegregation has created this monster that Trump is trying to fix.

Suppression of the Jewish Supremacy of history has led to history repeating itself.

Notice that some of the leadership of the french Revolution talked of building a new Jerusalem.

The Zionist dream of liberating Jerusalem and Communism aided Jewish interest? Yes and strange as that sounds it is very “Biblical”.


The anti-Catholic anti Roman Protestant Reformation.

Has not the “Protestant  Revolution” of the Untied States and England destroyed much of the Christian world. It was a revolution that divided the Roman Church which once had great power. Was this so it could pose no threat to the Jews?

England Old England drew much of it’s inspiration  and training if you will from Rome. The Great city London was originally Londinium .

Yet England would cut  away from the “Roman” Holy Church.  There were endless wars of religion and England over time would abandon her Roman Catholic side in favor of Protestantism. The Reformation itself could be better be considered an attack on the Roman Catholic Church.  Guy Fawkes Night or the November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot was the September 11th of it’s day.  Catholics were caught in an alleged  plot to blow up the House of Lords and kill James VI and I (Recall how the popular movie V for Vendetta was inspired by these historical events. a movie that was based on a comic book that was written by Allen Moore who is an occultist, ceremonial magician, and anarchist. Make no mistake “comic books” or graphic novels are very influential on modern political activity and culture.

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Don’t you Remember,
The Fifth of November,
‘Twas Gunpowder Treason Day,
I let off my gun,
And made’em all run.
And Stole all their Bonfire away.


Needless to say England turned away from their Roman Catholic side. This I think is one of the many choke points of history that was very good for wold Jewry. The division of the power of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church steeped in Greek and Roman logic. The Puritan group that would later flee England for America was also very anti-papist anti Roman.

The Puritan and the Protestant point of view that would come to populate the new world America are quite traditional and pro Old Testament. Thus very pro Jewish.

The Gentiles  of England and America have and still view themselves as quasi- Jews and with few excepts have  done the bidding of the Jewish.

Any conflict between the the Jews and the “others” is very carefully hidden. You have to seek out “forbidden literature.” Or read between the lines in the ‘acceptable” news sources.

No writers who speak out against Judaic Supremacy have the backing of any major powerful institution.

i.e The Roman Catholic Church could not Pay Mike Piper, Mar Glenn, Michel A Hoffman and others  to expose Judaic power for what it is.

There are no big anti-Jewish TV stations no radio.


The University’s  are not going to teach the anti Judaic thoughts of the founding Fathers of America.

And so we are forced to read between the lines and figure this out.

Trump even Putin can not speek outright and plainly about it.

Saddam and Muammar  Gaddafi  and the American Congressmen Jim Trafficant did. Look what happened to them.

It is worse now because  every nation is involved involved now. The technology has linked all people.

This is troubling because as with the case of our ansetors the chose people of god the people of the book the Bible the OT would arrive at a place there and it would decay and fall and they would flee to another place.

Now they own every place and control most places will the entire world edifice collapse not just America?

How do you defeat something that your a part of?  Yes in America for instance the courts and the laws of life are dictated by the OT.

Although America is becoming more and more secular some would say “Satanic”. The Bible is still the centerpiece of American society. And I would argue the Father like punishing God of th OT. Not the forgiving NT featuring Jesus.

No sorry  the all knowing God of the OT is America’s book. As America had now become a kind of second Israel dishing out the punishment of the OT.

Americas main city New York is very Jewish anyway.

We still  swear upon the Bible in court and other sacred ceremonies.

The Jews can negate the oaths in America with their Kol Nidre rite.  Thus it all means nothing to them

How do you compete with a religion that is out to destroy you if  you are part of it. Because  Judaism is the father religion of both Christianity and Islam. Not to mention there are huge divisions  within them.

Indeed the Old testament is beloved  by the Gentiles the goy.

The rebellion against the Old Testament and religion that people swarm to is also a trap, It is called Communism.

We see that today millions flee to Bernie Sanders. Even Russia Today and others. Come on he is but a trap.

There is always a trap. Communism is so huge that some leaders within that system rebel against it’s  Jewish creators.

Just as Freud created psychoanalysis to destroy Christianity his counterpart  Jung rebelled against it.

It could be argued that Christ rebelled against many aspects of Judaism. In fact he warned against it.

Traps and hidden history abide when it comes to all things Jewish.

For example.Winston Churchill  hired an investigative writer by the name of  Nester Webster. She was the wife of a Scotland Yard detective.

Her work is still quite forbidden. She wrote against Communistic secret societies the Illuminati and so forth. Much of her work is quite “anti-semetic”

Why would Churchill son of a Boston Jewess himself promote the writing of Webster?

He did not care he was in power he would latter back Stalin as much as FDR.  His spooky talk of evil communist Jews and Illuminati everywhere was all for nothing.

His anti-Communism was but a distraction he was committed to the Zionist cause. Wait lets stop right there. Churchill was committed to Old Testament Inspired war victory!

FDR and Churchill  prayed to the G-d of the OT for victory in the ultimate civil war in Europe WWI and  then  WWII which finished of the gentile world in Europe. WWII set the stage for America to shape the would and make it ready for Israel to rise


Churchill wanted some kind of biblical name for the  plan to win WWII they used “Overlord” for the code name instead.  The Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran if you decode it’s meaning it is Biblical.

The truth is both Communism and Zionism are nothing but massive espionage like operations. Movements.  Occult  Movements that instill superhuman passions in people.

When they are no longer useful something else takes their place. When they are needed again they are restored.

But they are merely movements that fulfill the laws stated in the Torah the OT.


Indeed  wide Jewish Revolution or the Judaic power system that is Chameleonlike and can take on many forms.


This is not surprising because the term revolution which is almost always  Judaic is also sometimes not relevant. Because in many places in the world today the Jews are no longer the “rebels” they are the out and out master the 1%.

Their problem if it is a problem is they are so powerful it is impossible to conceal it.

Their problem is they have looted so much money it threatens a world collapse it threatens a world rebellion.

Yet they hold on to power. Yet they keep it going. For now. When will it all fall apart?

That is the question.

I asked someone once why did the Soviet Empire crumble? This person replied.

“The Russian (Soviet) woman brag about having  17 abortions”.

Is that not America right now?

Those who dare to indulge in reading of some “revisionist history.

You may be a “white nationalist” or an alt Right or an Alex Jones follower and think your fighting the system, but your not doing anything. In fact you may be assisting the system.

Lets face it the only resistance to the total enslavement  of the world has been by people that people don’t like to give credit to like Iran.

If you have even found your way to this blog. Bravo you have survived the “metrics” ratings for your work today and eluded some algorithm deemed you still to be of some use.  Or you grew tired of Alex Jones and David Icke.

The transformation of mankind is bigger then even globalization and even the endless economic and religions wars that have been deliberately  instigated only now under more sophisticated names. The Crusades has changed to “The Clash of Civilizations” It is not a very religious world war happening now between Judaic America and Islam oh no i’t a war on Terror. Which if you think about it the phase means nothing.

It all means nothing because what is at work here is the chosen people use their war skills to obtain victory at all cost.

After decade upon decade of conditioning people in American and England now are about nothing.  Were all a bunch of charters on Friends and Senifeld who don’t give a shit.

America is still the worlds lone superpower and it is a mix of people who have the ability the capability to get on board and become very Jewish. And then their are “others” who can’t cut it the Hillbilly the deplorable the grotesque your going to be eliminated. Have some Meth and watch Breaking bad. View your own destruction. They are now with Trump and Brexit.

The Old testament is not just words as the Jews act upon it’s teaching fanatically  and with great passion and devotion.

First we examine the wars they fought directly with their own hands.


The Direct Wars of the Jews

Daniel 2:21

 He changes times and seasons;
    he deposes kings and raises up others.

Image result for jewish warrior of the old testament gideon wins

From the days of their when the Canaanite who came prior to the Jews were destroyed  to the 1967 war that excited political Zionism Jews have been at war.Image result for jewish celebrate war victory 1967 Jews are a warrior people. Contrary to what some people say they don’t mind getting in  wars and fighting. Wars Sure By way of Deception  it is much better to  send  the gentile in to fight for you or better yet pit one against the other. However Israel and it’s people are a warrior people. They have proved themselves in battle many times.

I will blog quite about this more in the near future, but for now I would say. Huge portions of the OT are devoted to war stories or tremenndous victories.

Are some exaggerated ? Likely. However look at the six day war and other. The Israelis can fight.

But it is more than that all of the Jewish holidays are military victory holidays.

Queen Ester is a “whore war hero”.  Mary is the kind mother of Jesus look at the difference.

Passover and Hanukkah celebrate war victory.

War on the “other” is the main rule of the OT. The moral passages in the OT are for the chosen only.

The God of the OT is a war god.

Daniel 2:21

 He changes times and seasons;
    he deposes kings and raises up others.

Related image

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  The Modern Era Globalist Revolution

This goes for the whole world as well.  If you read between the lines or care to nitce they have been warning the world and threatening the world for a long time. NYT columnist Thomas L. Friedman writes a weekly column for The New York Times. He has written extensively on foreign affairsglobal trade, the Middle East, globalization, and environmental issues.

Friendman  is a liberal and all that but let’s speak plainly on behalf of the Jews he tells the  people of the  entire world what the Jews want done.

Look into this guys work in effect he is saying if you mess with the wishes of the Jews if you even say bad things about them you’ll be crushed.

One of Friedman’s theses states that individual countries must sacrifice some degree of economic sovereignty to global institutions (such as capital markets and multinational corporations), a situation he has termed the “golden straitjacket”.

The golden straitjacket comes in the form of bombs and drones and all out invasion when needed.

Friedman does not fool around what ever threats he makes come true a thousand fold.

To those who are obsessed with the  Skull and Bones even the Freemasons what have you keep in mind those are only systems of networking.

If anyone from those admittedly powerful  groups stands in the way of the world that Friedman and of coarse the hidden Rabbi’s with him want you will be put in your place fast.

If you not smart enough to get brainwashed and make cash in companies and institutions that work on behalf of the interests of Friedman or the “Havard Jews” then you shit out of luck my friends.

This perhaps final “Revolution” perhaps the final one of all time. Will in my opinion make the French  Russian and yes the American Revolution look like side shows. It’s the post globalist post human revolution occurring now.

They want the whole world and they have got much of it under their control with all of us living under the vile “American Culture”.

They want control economically and military speaking   factory’s as  as far as the eye can see fill route 128 in Boston Silicon valley CA  Austin TX ect.. There are in reality only certain cities and zip codes that matter in America.

The “rust belt” and other areas of America are not needed.  Yes the technology is so complex only certain people can work on it. In effect many of the Trump supports are not needed. In fact the monster needs more people of higher cognitive ability IQ ect . Again it sucks people out of India China sorry not Iowa.

They continue to build an army to take over the world in this a very Jewish Revolution of many other code names. The last being “War on Terror” now ” No Nukes for Iran at all cost” and “Russia hacked the election”.

America is a war empire. It’s military and intelligence machine has grown so big and so out of control either nothing can stop it or it will eat itself.

Trump and his clique who i are tied to it in business or are in it directly in it are sometimes they only ones to be critical of it. Recall when Gen. Flynn complained about ISIS funding.

They are sucking the life the brain power out of other countries. Many Russian Iranians Indians and Chinese will stop at nothing to come and join the American war machine.

Many crave to be like the Americas. Quite frankly because there is no such thing. The “American”  is a mythical creature. So consumed by illusion that they don’t even know it.

America is a kingdom of narcissistic snobs. Our people shout slogans now that come straight out of the French and Russian Revolution.

The American woman want to kill their babies and quite frankly many want to kill the men.

The reaction is equally as frighting and grotesque as the men have turned violent and reject women as well. They want to kill and they demand to be entertained while doing so.

This is unusual in that the American people are more divided then ever yet they perform their duty their function.  Number one they die. Number two they are turning deeply to wars, communism, socialism, Satanism Wicca  and all forms of sexual perversion. They are proudest of gender equality and race equality. Yet somehow can not do a thing when America enters wars of all kinds.  Yet can it hold? No because they have no kids no babies.

There America’s huge evangelical Army  stands at the ready to fight for the G-d of the Old Testament.  Look closely at what they say they clam to love Jesus yet one could argue that their  Jesus  only exist as a character who assist them to act as delivers of good old time Old testament city on the hill  retribution for any bad thing to happen to Israel and old timely Bible worshiping America. Not America who had been influenced by Greek and Roman law and logic with voting and debate in the Senate.  Just Bible America  yes GUN America.

America is the victom of a bi-polar revolution  that has turned people into luntics.


The American/Judaic Black Magic the  “Sex Magik” will topple the world. The media, the academic world the celebrities. All transmit endless messages  that ultimately provide their Judaic  masters with what they want. Total and complete world domination and the Rebuilding of the Temple. The enslavement of all the worlds Gentiles must be achieved. It says so repeatedly in the OT Bible

It was done revolutions inspired behind the scans by the occultists  worked clandestinely  to topple the church and the kings of Europe and Russia.  They succeeded.

There is no need to prove the protocols of Zion or “decode” the occult statues and symbols because the end result is what you need to look at is the highest end result  Europe and America one way or another have been subjugated to the rule of the OT.

The revolutionary faith was shaped not so much by the critical rationalism of the French Enlightenment (as is generally believed) as by the occultism and proto-romanticism of Germany.

People became infected by the flames of “Revolution” and can be led in any direction the secret masters of  whatever “revolution” wish it to go.

In my view they are like multi-level marketing scams. All lies only the man at the very tip top of the pyramid knows what is really going on. Like an AMWAY scam.

You have got to be at the tip of the pyramid or you will not know what is going on

Sexual Magic and the massive French Revolution.

Let the Republic be the sole proprietor; like a mother, it will afford to each of its members equal education, food and labour. This is the only regeneration aimed at by philosophers. This is the only rebuilding of Jerusalem.

Vive la révolution Vive la Révélation sexuelle

But know on to my point of Magic and mind control.

Prior to the great and horrific world wars and revolutions. Professional propagandist stirred up the emotions the passions of the masses and drove them to war.

But we know or at the least suspect it goes much deeper than just newspaper propaganda alone. It’s much more dramatic than that.  When your talking about war revolution and the control of the minds of people in societies. Your dealing with the deepest darkest of the black magic.

This has always in fact been the case. The priestly class with their Magic drive people to war and revolution.

Image result for Fire in the Minds of Men. That the “revolutionary faith

Wise men have manipulated the masses throughout the ages. For instance, James Billington writes in his seminal work Fire in the Minds of Men. That the “revolutionary faith” was shaped by “occultism.”

Image result for French Revolution  paris burned


Before the French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution both of which were very dominated by Jews all advocated and continue to advocate total sexual freedom.

Indeed The key figures in both the Bolshevik revolution and the Jacobin French Revolution were very Jewish.

Once in power both groups make laws against antisemitism.  Paris itself once a powerful Christian city would be transformed into a “New Jerusalem”.

Billington writes in Fire of the Minds of Men:

It involved a festive attempt to realize utopia, not in the enclosed PalaisRoyal but in the open air: to transform old Paris into a new Jerusalem; to move from the from the guillotine’s kingdom of fear to a republic of rejoicing in which Dame Nature was Queen.

These changes did not happen overnight. This all took time but the strategy of giving the people drink, drugs and most of all sex weakened the will of the governments and the people. Holy mother Russia fell and became godless and yes very sexuality liberated.

Magic  (now often spelled as Magick because the last man who because very well known for his magical practice was the man beloved by Rock and Roll artist for decades Alester Crowley)  and  sorcery of all kinds deals mostly deals with art and sexuality.

Crowley who refered to himself as “the beast” or just 666 Was causing trouble in Berlin in 1930 before  WWII broke out.  Occultism art sex and homosexuality was thriving in the Weinmar Republic.  A contributing factor the the war breaking out?

The work in Germany is going very strong indeed. I always knew that was the country to understand me. [Kasimira] is teaching me German. I feel that I have  much to do there one day.

The extreme conditions imposed  on Germany  by the Treaty of Versailles along with the excessive decadence by some would say the Jewish theater owners may  caused a counter “National Socialist Revolution” there.

What role did revolutionary occultism play in that? A lot Germany was lotted and broke and  filled with cabalist sex magic of all  kinds.

The occultist becomes a master of harnessing occult energy the serpant fire or what have you within themselves. They have many secret methods That they employ to bend their will and the will of “others” They also become skilled influencing large groups of people. Under the influence of such magical techniques people turn into slogan shouting lunatics.

France once the greatest power in all of Christendom fell to a very sexualized revolution.  Not just sex but “art” and all kinds of vulgar language and endless slogans about “freedom.”

The French revolution “liberated Paris. Paris was filled with “liberating” art, drink, magic and sexual magic. Not to mention the qusi secret society know as the Jacobins. (the Jacobins are by the way are looked upon with great fondness in American academic circles this very day).

Paris was filled with secret underground café life was filled with hyper sexuality vulgarity of all kinds and secret societies that plotted violence. Art, and occult magic was transforming the minds of men. Molding their minds so that they would be transformed alchemically into blood thirsty revolutionaries.

Image result for the revolutionary circle of the french revolution symbol

These secrets societies that inspired the deadly communistic revolutions  were controlled by secret societies that used false name  and all kinds of deceptions. They consisted of inner and deeper circles who ruled men who sometimes did not even know their ultimate purpose.

Unless you were in the hidden inner circle. You didn’t know. All you knew is you wanted in.

Image result for the revolutionary circle of the french revolution symbol

The Revolutionary “circles” Destroyed the kings and the church in Europe.

What happened to them. Their anti religion and family pro abortion  kinds of thinking are now here right here with you at your local puble school.

Billiton writes in Fire In the Minds of Men that the French Revolution itself was created within the subterranean cafés of Paris:


“But why was the Palais-Royal able to mobilize mass emotions so successfully during the early years before full state power and military emergency could be invoked against it? The truth seems to be that the cafes provided not just a protected place for political meetings, but also the intoxicating ambiance of an earthly utopia. Distinctions of rank were obliterated, and men were free to exercise sexual as well as political freedom. In the course of a single visit, one might sip such libations of liberation as a new tricolored liquor, savor foreign foods in perfumed boites, see the laterna magica trace the history of the world in the apartment of Philippe-Egalite, visit a quasi-pomographic wax museum in the arcades, attend a melodrama which included music and acrobatics in the Cirque, and then go underground for entertainment that ranged from ventriloquism by a dwarf to sex with the seven-foot two-inch Prussian prostitute, Mile. Lapierre. *

In such an atmosphere, illusion and fantasy mixed with material gratification and made the ideal of total secular happiness seem credible as well as desirable. Hedonistic awakening was combined with political and intellectual discussion in an atmosphere of social equality and directness of communication that had been unknown among the aristocratic conventions of the old regime.  All races were represented among

the servants, entertainers, and shopkeepers of the Palais. Two blacks (known as Aladin and Scipio) were revered rather in the manner of court “fools” during the Renaissance, and were even called upon to resolve conflicts.  The form of communication was egalitarian. The often scatological language of the cafes was incorporated into plays produced by the Duke of Orleans in his “garden of equality.” His so-called genre Poissard introduced irreverent forms of speech that soon found their way into revolutionary journalism. The Palais-Royal was an intensely verbal place, infecting Paris and all of France with its revolutionary rhetoric and iconoclastic speech. Asone pamphlet noted already in 1790: The Palais-Royal is a theater, which imprints a great movement on the capital and on all the provinces of the French kingdom! The anonymous writer was describing an incident in which Mirabeauhad been challenged by a mob in the Palais; and the implication was that legitimacy lay no longer with the orator of the Assembly, who hides “under the mask of national interest,” but with the spontaneous  people in the Palais.  The Palais had become not just “the temple of patriotism and wisdom,” but also the point of combustion for la revolution sentimental: that “immense and quasi-universal explosion of sensibility “that began with Rousseau and helped transform a political crisis into an emotion-charged upheaval. “From May to October 1789, there is no scene . . . which did not end in tears and embraces.” And many of those scenes began in the Palais-Royal: … a sacred temple where the sublime sounds resound in celebration of this revolution that is so happy for the French nation and of such good augury for the entire universe. Within the cafe a small group of trusted friends often met at a tableand gradually formed a basic new unit for revolutionary activity: the “circle.” Mercier noted that even before the outbreak of revolution in 1789 . . . the taste for circles, unknown to our fathers and copied from the En-glish, has begun to become naturalized.43 Unlike the English, the French in the Palais-Royal became “grave and serious once gathered in a circle.” 44 A small group could move beyond the surface conviviality of the cafe to deeper dedication in a circle: unified by the pursuit of truth, a sharing of inner thoughts, and the “strength of a uniform equality.”

The french went mad with blood lust looking to kill the Kings and the Clergy as

Image result for French Revolution  paris burned


Sexual Liberation was not just one of the key components to securing victory for these “revolutions” it the most important factor. Manipulation of the minds of humans is best done through sexual energy. Theater, art, masturbatory fantasy, fake sex, real sex has tremendous energy. It can transform people into narcissistic violent fools. Wise men can draw the masses into violent war or revolution.

Related image


Tap in that and control it and you can do anything with the minds of “the people”

Notice how the left of America today are filled with narcissistic self love and   self obsession.

Nothing new under the sun the revolutionary journalist called for revolution.  Today in America journalist control the minds of the masses. Calling for revolution and pushing radicalized abortion .

CNN is a TV station solely devoted to  gay rights feminism and abortion.

Occultist, Magic men, Rabbis, Kabbalist, propagandist advertising and marking people politician’s pornographers, the military and academics are all and I repeat all masters of mind manipulation.

The American Revolution

A revolution of a nation founded and blessed by the OT.

Though “American” popular culture and academic teaching the minds of people have been drastically altered in “the west” This is the legacy of occult groups such as the dreaded “Illuminati” of Bavaria. Which is real but misunderstood.  Even the founders of the Untied states itself directly. Men such as Thomas Paine. were huge fans of the “enlightenment” Why do you think  that Washington DC itself is loaded with phallic symbols obelisk and endless symbols of astrology and sexual fertility magic? The American revolution and the founding fathers revolution republic that they developed  was highly masonic in nature has it’s French counterpart. It is true the founding fathers of The Untied Sates of America were influenced by the enlightenment and indeed the Americans conducted a revolution as did the French. They were deist and Freemasons and yes by default even influenced by the Illuminati of Bavaria the conspiracy people endlessly talk about.

However, keep in mind the founding fathers were well versed the classical world. They were inspired by deeply by Rome and   Greek thought. This is the real reason why part of America is in my opinion very good.

This is why America has always been almost bi-polar.  America is an endless interal fight between Jewish and Roman logic. So we see the statues and pictures of General the president Washington as a devoted Freemason , but then he also saw himself as and admired the Roman General Cincinnatus.  Cincinnatus was a man who wielded power very wisely. That is to say he was not drunk with power noted for returning to farmining after his work as a dictator was complete. Cincinnatus whom the name is the city of Cincinnati comes  from   was a hero of Washington’s.

via Wikipedia:

Lucius Quinctius[1] or Quintius[2] Cincinnatus (/ˌsɪnsɪˈnɑːtəs/; c. 519 – c. 430 BC)[2][3]was a Roman patricianstatesman, and military leader of the early Republic who became a legendary figure of Roman virtues—particularly Roman manliness and civic virtue—by the time of the Empire.

Supposedly, Cincinnatus was a conservative opponent of the rights of the plebeians who fell into penury because of his son‘s violent opposition to their desire for a written code of equitably-enforced laws. Despite his old age, he worked his own small farm until an invasion prompted his fellow citizens to call for his leadership. He came from his plough to assume complete control over the state but, upon achieving a swift victory, relinquished his power and its perquisites and returned to his farm. His success and immediate resignation of his near-absolute authority with the end of this crisis (traditionally dated to 458 BC) has often been cited as an example of outstanding leadership, service to the greater good, civic virtue, humility, and modesty. As a result, he has inspired a number of organizations and other entities, some named in his honor.

In this piece I am going to be talking about a blend of Revolution, Magic and mass psychological control of the “west”. I felt the need to establish the fact that the founding fathers of the current preeminent power of the western world  America. Were indeed all Free-masonic and influenced by the occultism. But again the founders were all highly trained in the classical world. They even read Greek and Latin.  America after all has a Senate.

Jefferson the mind of the American Revolution was inspired by the Enlightenment ideals of the sanctity of the individual, as well as by the writings of Locke and Montesquieu but his beloved home Monticello means “hillock” or “little mountain” in Italian.

The Founders were also covertly anti-Jewish dipite being Freemans.  We know this because they were huge fans of the Repubic of Romen not the creater Ceaser had created.  I urge readers to examine this  Julies ceaser crossed the Rubicon and destroyed the Republic he was beloved by the Jews.  Jefferson did battle with Hamilton  whose mother was Jewish ect.

I coment on this to demosatrate to readers who think that the whole of America is ruled by a Jewish Fremasnic trap. Quite the contray. I would say it’s been a huge battle for the heart and soul of America right from the start

Image result for washington  as Cincinnatus




The left Wing Anti- American Counter Revolution


The core of Americas rapid decline and decay comes from  the war in Nam.

The Draft which was conscription jail for the gentiles. Ripped the country apart. Jews often got out of the Draft but they did not like it. They had to get letters saying they were mentally ill or they had to flee to Canada. Drugs were introduced to control the masses.

LSD calmed the people. Sex pacified the angry youth.  A side effect was it ruined education. Literally the professors did not want to flunk the kids for they would go to nam. Those people became teachers in America.

Occultism and drugs and sex of all kinds flooded America.

As M.A. Hoffman  wrote the dignified  Camelot of JFK  transformed into  the Hebrew word Oz or the land of Oz where Alice got high and went to OZ.

The Clinton’s and Obama  who took power came out of this. They are the smiling face a cover in a way for  the violent Communist revolutionary  of Bill” Ayers.

One has to wonder if Ayers and one of his fathers in thought Karl Marx really rejected their Old Testament Judaism or are they very worthy operatives in administering it’s rules. It’s just they do it in a covert way.

Related image

Doubt it. Need I remind you the left and even the communist quite the Bible when it suites their needs.

Related image


The liberals of today  in reality at their core are centered almost entirely on sex and sexuality. (Indeed they have crowned Stormy Daniels the Penthouse “Pet of the Century” for helping to try and stop Trumps pro nationalist populist counter revolution) Leftism is at it’s heart nothing but but a sex movement. Sexual narcissism the essence of much of it.   Some brave leftist seek to do good. Rachel Corrie and people like that don’t just talk about it they do it. Genuine people on the left and right are often silenced or literately cut down. But most liberal of today reminds as of the trouble makers within the France revolution. They are ultra sentimental, narcissistic self absorbed aggressive dominating wind bags. They shout slogans endlessly. They seek to destroy the world and replace it with some kind of non racist sexual paradise.  Yet it makes no sense for as they indulge in every for of hedonistic please that can be imagined they shout that gender does not exist.

Endless wars are declared millions are killed and the left sit together in bars in cafes in Europe and america discussing racism  for fun and to feel good.

The war millions upon millions of war dead in the ME and elsewhere  take a distant second to the need for gender equality within the US Military. The real crimes the US military commit involve sexism. Do they not?


The important thing is female empowerment. Who cares that Iraq, Syria, Libya and on and on are bombed into dust. The death of people in the ME means nothing. Just show a photo of  a “hot” female soldier. She is kicking ass. She is fighting dirty Patriarchal backward Islam and sexist old white men.

Related image

Killing by the Israeli controlled US war machine matters not because they are ridding the world or sex and race discrimination.

Who would dare question such goodness.

You can throw out politics ethics international law even US imperialism power itself.

Putin along with  Iran and Syria have to go because they are sexist and racist. They are a threat to our way of life.  911 as gone stale and they don’t want to confuse the population any more then they have to,  Because ISIS and other radical groups have become very valuable because they defend Israel. The focus of the real “enemy has shifted to  sexist racist backward Russia and Iran.

Putin is a very sexual enemy  he is the enemy a  “badness” against the   “band” pussy riot. That is how far the brain dead Americans have gone/ Kill Putin and Trump give us Stormy Daniels..

The evil friend of Putin President Trump is even worse. Trump is so evil and sexist that he as a sexist wanted to pay woman  Russia women to pee on the bed of their leader who is in their eyes and African wonderful kind African liberal president.

Notice how the ‘counter revolution against  Trump is very racial very sexual. Yet despite that fact that it is well know Trump was a Playboy” The left vilifies Trump with crap they love. Bizarre how his old school Playboy whoring seem almost normal when compared to the hyper-sexual  world of the left where sexual expression is never dared to be suppressed.

Russiagate and pee gate  in many ways make no logical sense but they are a high form of magic and mind control.

Pissgate (a.k.a. Watersportsgate) refers to claims that Donald Trump hired prostitutes to “perform a Golden Showers urination show” on a bed in the Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel where Barack and Michelle Obama once slept during an official trip to Russia. The claims arise from a 35-page intelligence dossier produced by an ex-British Intelligence officer alleging that Russia was actively engaged in collecting compromising information on Trump during his numerous trips to Russia, and that Russia was “regularly exchanging information with Trump’s campaign team through indirect channels”.

Quite malevolent and brilliant.  The Trump–Russia dossier, also known as the Steele dossier is a pornographic political sex fantasy that they left embrace with religious fanaticism. 

Pee gate is a blend of espionage and sex magic.  It matters very little if it is true or not. It fits a patteren Trump and Putin are racistist  dirty old white men. They need to be stop.

They only crimes Putin and Trump have committed  is that they are attempting to stay out of war.


After new “feminism”

What would become known as communism itself  by word was created by a shady occultist and “erotic writer” involved in aspects of the French revolution Lenin finally adopted, was invented not by the great Rousseau, but by a Rousseau du ruisseau (Rousseau of the gutter): the indulgent fetishist and nocturnal street-walker in prerevolutionary Paris, Restif de la Bretonne. Thus the revolutionary label that now (0r once had) controls the destiny of more than one billion people in the contemporary world sprang from the erotic imagination of an eccentric writer. Yes a porn guy invented communism.

Image result for Rétif de la Bretonne

Wikipedia sites:

Rétif de la Bretonne undoubtedly holds a remarkable place in French literature. He was inordinately vain, and of extremely relaxed morals. His books were written with haste, and their licence of subject and language renders them quite unfit for general perusal.

He and the Marquis de Sade maintained a mutual hate, while he was appreciated by Benjamin Constant and Friedrich von Schiller and appeared at the table of Alexandre Balthazar Laurent Grimod de La Reynière, whom he met in 1782. Jean François de La Harpenicknamed him “the Voltaire of the chambermaids”. He was rediscovered by the Surrealists in the early 20th century.

He is also noted for his advocacy of communism, indeed the term first made its modern appearance (1785) in his book review of Joseph-Alexandre-Victor Hupay de Fuveau who described himself as “communist” with his Project for a Philosophical Community.

There you have it communism was invented by a dirty French novelist.


If you’re a self-proclaimed conspiracy researcher. Don’t comfort yourself by thinking you understand how these people operate. There is indeed evidence that their exist men of occult knowledge They have access to higher levels of training then we do. What was once whispered about in antiquity as “secret Societies” is now called “networking”.  Niall Ferguson  in his latest work “The Square and the Tower”  somewhat warns regular people who become fascinated with the Illuminati and skull and bones and so forth. Because quite simply they are not part of such groups and don’t know a thing about them. Of this there is no doubt. Many of us waste time dwelling on Skull and Bones and Secret societies  ect. Yet I must point out Ferguson excludes completely Jewish power. I will blog more on this another time.

Image result for “The Square and the Tower” 

Also while I despise more than anything the constant use of “Illuminati” for anything and everything assorted with politics and “conspiracy”.  I will say this. The Illuminati  of Bavaria were a real and very significant secret society who operated during the enlightenment. As James Billington author of “Fire in the Minds of Men pointed out the “German Occultism” had a profound effect on the French revelation.

We must not forget the opposition  possess much more powerful “platforms” with which to pontificate about their political point of view. Thus most if not all forms of true dissent are downed out.

Rarely do native populations fight back against the “sexual social engineering” attacks of the western intelligence agencies. i.e flooding countries with pornography deliberately.

One such rare case was the Iranian revolution was as Dr. E. Michel Jones has sited. The people had enough and they reacted with a counter revolution

Fast forward to  the current situation. We must not think that for one second that the power of “feminism” is about helping woman. It is part of   political sexual control. Some thing Dr. E Michel Jones talks about in great detail in his book Libito Donminate.  Is  this only about a “communist take over”  Far from it “ Capitalist or hyper  – capitalist America is under what Dr Jones refers to as “Jewish Capitalism” which  has within it even more sophisticated sex mind control. Perhaps more than we have ever seen in human history.

It is not uncommon to be in any major America city and confront transgender people.  It is sometimes impossible to tell the sexual identity of some people. This is high level magic at work.

Gender fluid?   Robots? There are new even more complex sexual issues in American and Europe today. The end game is no kids.

It is getting out of control. One wonders when society will completely break down. Because this kind of behavior and existence are not just excepted they are glorified.

How do you think communistic groups get people to join them and die for them? The boring endless lectures on communism? No you give the drink and sex. And a lot of it.

Corrupt governments and kings can also suppress honest dissent by providing limitless sex drugs and drink.

Now with the new technology all of these vices are enhanced. I.e prescription drugs and  internet porn and high tech enhanced abortions backed up be feel good rhetoric. Producing hell on earth.

Notice how the “pussy hat”  rather resembles the hat of the Jacobin in the France Revolution

Image result for french jacobin hat

Image result for Notice how the "pussy hat" resembles the hat of the Jacobin in the France Revolution


 The power of Magic Drugs and Mind control within “revolution”

Fast forward after the assassination of JFK and  the continuation of the war in Vietnam. America is  engulfed in a deep level of occultism as was  the French Revelation conscription sent many men to fight in Vietnam   and the dignity and culture fostered in America by JFK turned to the free love and drug culture of the 1960’s

America was deliberately “turned on” to LSD by Timithly Learly.

America got a taste of witchcraft and bizarre murder in the form of the Manson murders. Fear again would grip the nation in the ritual murders of “Son of Sam.

Notice now how America is 100 times more Satanic!

The mind of the masses was being shaped by fear. However at least the left condemned the war in  south east asia.  It was hypocritical to say the least because they felt a kinship with the communistic North Vietnamese.

Or was the “peace movement” nothing but drugs sex and self love.

Notice the narcissistic frenzy of the left in the US now.  Surly the Parkland shooting anti-gun activist resemble the people swept up in the occult-sexual emotion that happened with-in the French revolution.

Even the Trump movement which at times is excellent. It is populist  nationalist and even somewhat anti-war. Yet it is also filled with anti-Iran self absorbed evangelicals.  Radical evangelism although philosophical very ant-erotic  and anti-communistic  ironically contains with in it also the capability to produce madness frenzy and endorse full on political violence when protecting Israeli interest, as well as preserving the image of America as “the city on the hill. As literally a new Israel in North America.

Notice how the Jacobin and different communistic revolutionary groups proclaimed Paris as a new Jerusalem. Both the French revolutiony consul that took over and later The Russian communist the Bolsheviks in Russia also outlawed Antisemitism.  Strange for they were all supposed to be  anti-religion.

Propaganda social engineering magic or mind control whatever you wish to call it has gone way beyond anything that has occurred in the past.

The horrid culture of “America” has spread far and wide and threatens to topple the entire globe.

In any case the grip on the American group mind has as I mentioned in a previous blog produced and army of lunatics.

The American Military both willing and under pressure invaded Iraq under a lie of non-existent. WMD. They lied and then bragged about the lie.

They were also “caught” in the name of integrating detained alleged terror suspects. Torture them sexually and ritualistically.

What chance would there be to end warfare normally when the army is caught humiliating and torturing men sexually.

Related image

What honor was there in torturing people in this way. The answer is anything any form of torture seems justified.

And I might ad in the course of this war on terror women have no doubt been raped and murdered.

The sexual torture done on people in the ME seems to be actual ritualized sexual nature. And if not it is evil anyway.

Not only a war crime but and obscene Satanic one to boot. The US may pay dearly for involvement  in this torture on behalf of Israel. Other countries are watching this deviltry.

Literally  lining nude victims into triangles. Again to make it so there would be no hope of peace.

Saddam was seen near naked in his underwear Qudaffy was sodomized before his murder by us backed CIA Mossad extermist.. Uday and Qusay  UBL and all of the bad guys were said to have been found with huge porno collections.

So no one in the US or UK has a porn collection?

Tell all the dead innocent people as a result of the 911 war on terror if they care that these guys look at porn.

Do the troops that bomb all these guys do they have a porn collection?

It is ok the American porn  is for goodness?

What  has not been revealed to the American public is that the sexual humiliation of Islamic prisoners Abu Grab and elsewhere has long be practiced on the Palestinians.

These interrogation techniques were taught by Israeli operatives to the CIA and Military Police at the Abu Ghraib prison and in fact these operatives participated directly in the torture at Abu Ghraib under cover of “private consultants.” It is believed that at least three known Israeli MOSSAD agents were at Abu Ghraib directing the torture as “interrogators”.

Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith—had “personally authorized clandestine Mossad officials to be in Iraq working closely with U.S. military intelligence.”

Related image

The war crimes committed at the Abu Ghraib prison were blamed psychologically on a lone female soldier.

Lynndie Rana England of KY did the whole war. Right?

Yet it was sanctioned at the highest  levels of the US  government under Israeli direction.

The US wars seem to involve and almost childish Satanic trickery now. That is to say  The public is lied to then it is told it has been lied to and is lied to yet again.

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee,” he began.

A series of awkward pauses followed. “I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me… You can’t get fooled again!’”

Bush 2002

Shock and awe is not just for the “enemy” it is for the Americans as well.

But who is the enemy? Anyone who stands in the way of greater Israel. The rebuilding of the Temple is real. Anyone who stands in the way of the mission of a greater Israel and a rebuilding of the temple is being destroyed.

Magic involves blood and the language of magic is Hebrew  so says the oculists Kennith Grant a high disciple of the famous occultist Crowley

Image result for abracadabra

Nothing new under the sun the enemies of Trump send witches to curse him like the superstitious days of old.

Is Trump perfect? No far from it. We must face that fact that he is the point man in this age old fight. Like it or not Rome is New York City.


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