The Imitation Game & the Kingdom of God

It is the height of the Second World War. A group of codebreakers stands in a dimly lit warehouse 50 miles northwest of London, a giant machine composed of spinning drums and wires looms in front of them. It’s taken years of work — as well as a few shouting matches — to get the device assembled and ready to start sorting through 159 quintillion combinations in search of the one that will let the British crack the Germans’ infamous Enigma machine.

If they crack the enemy’s code, they win the war.

Sounds like the Kingdom of God at war with the Anti-Kingdom, the dominion of Satan.  The Anti-Kingdom has encrypted its communications and disguised itself as an angel of light in order to deceive the world, even God’s own people. As a result the world is an almost incomprehensible matrix.

Those in the Kingdom of God must decode the matrix and win the war. The Bible holds the key to unlock the secret communications of the enemy and to defeat its war machine.

Ironically the Kingdom of God itself is shrouded in a secret.  Only those who seek first the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness will see it, I mean really see it.  The message of the Kingdom which will set the world free is steeped however in secrecy so as to not be identified by the enemy and destroyed.

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