How to Decode the DaVinci Code

The DaVinci Code is instructive on several levels.

First, it offers a window into the theme of a secret concealed for 2000 years, now revealed to the world with earth shattering repercussions.  In the DaVinci code the secret is that Jesus had children and therefore lineal descendants living today. This truth would destroy the Church as it would reveal that it was founded on a falsehood and had deceived mankind since its inception.

Whereas in truth, there is indeed a secret that the Church seems to have lost rather than concealed.  The secret is the message of the Kingdom of God told privately to the disciples but spoken in public only in parables.  If this truth of the Kingdom of God really got out and was shouted from the housetops today it would also have earth shattering repercussions in the earth.  This is the message that when spoken in Acts “turned the world upside down” and would again do so today.

Second, the DaVinci code is illustrative as the story itself calls out to be decoded.  We must ask, what are the intentions of its producers and why have they created what has become a block buster of a film? Is it merely that they saw a good story they could profit on? Or is there something more clandestine going on?

When we decode the DaVinci Code we might conclude that the movie was intended to further destroy the Church of God and the Kingdom of God.  The true message of the Kingdom liberates and enriches mankind, but the message of the DaVinci Code draws attention away from the potential of every man and woman to only those that might be of the lineal descent of Jesus.

The message of faith in Christ open to all the world empowers all mankind.  The message of a physical descendant of Jesus diminishes this faith that is open to all.

There is obviously a lot more to explore here, but this at least touches on the two themes at, the theme of decoding the matrix of the world system (in this case disseminated by an important arm of the world system, Hollywood) as well as the them of knowing the secret message and the “truth” that “shall set you free”.

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