Communism and Political Terror: Trotskyism, Stalinism and the West in Revisionist Perspective

By Matthew Raphael Johnson

What is the point of writing yet another paper on the Red Revolution, Trotsky or
Stalin? The point is to explicate several fairly radical, inter-related and revisionist ideas that
my name has now become forever attached: in the broadest strokes, these theses are:
1. The Bolsheviks never cared about “labor” in the sense that “labor” refers to the
working people of the empire. The Bolsheviks defined “labor” so broadly that it
became meaningless. They did not believe it themselves. The Bolsheviks held “labor,”
defined above, in utter contempt.
2. The purpose of the revolution was to use ideology to cover over a radical idea: that

the Red state, backed by extreme violence and terror, papered over by slogans, was
nothing more than a transmission belt delivering all productive capital into the hands
of the new ruling clique. Despite their name, the Bolsheviks were a tiny, urban group
of intellectuals who had no ties with the people they were soon to rape and cared little
for this fact.
3. The methods by which this belt was to operate were not controversial. Trotsky, Lenin
and Stalin were of one mind on all things, until the Jewish question, personified by
Trotsky, became explicit. This by no means requires a belief in Stalin’s
“antisemitism.” it remained a capital crime in the USSR under his rule. The Old
Bolsheviks, almost exclusively Jewish, were the target, not Jews as such, who were a
privileged group in the “new Russia.”
4. Nationalism of all sorts was banned throughout Soviet history. Western “accusations”
of this new-Soviet crime are absurd exaggerations. Several examples of what western
academics think “nationalism” is will be shown below.
5. Given the above, the USA was never anti-Bolshevik (even to the extent that the
western ruling class had any idea what “Bolshevism” was). Almost every early
condemnation of the “Reds” was based on them “acting like Tsars.” This was the
main line of criticism. It was a rare find to discover an American that had any idea
what “Leninism” was to any great extent.
6. The USA built the Soviet Union, along with the major western powers, even during
their own Depression.  Read more

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