The Christian religion is the historical unfolding of God’s covenantal involvement in this world, the culmination of which is God’s coming into this world in the person of Jesus Christ.

Far as the Curse is Found is a retelling of the biblical story of God’s unfolding covenant from creation to new creation. Readers are led to wonder anew at the redemptive work of God in our own history, in our own human flesh. Pastors, students, and those interested in biblical theology are among the many who will gain fresh insight into the biblical story of redemption.


“Will help readers understand the Bible’s covenantal structure and character, glory in God’s covenant faithfulness, and see in Jesus the fullness of God’s covenant now and forever. Drawing from a wide range of Reformed and evangelical scholarship, and rooted firmly in the Scriptures, Williams’s account is unique in its approach, thorough in its development, compelling in its argument, and timely in its arrival.”

—T. M. Moore

“Combines four emphases in a remarkably fresh way: exegetical faithfulness, biblical-theological wisdom, awareness of contributions already made, and evangelistic and pastoral fire. I am not aware of anything quite like it. What a wonderful book!”

—William Edgar

“When I used a prepublication copy to teach seminary students, they found the book to be reader-friendly and the story of the intimate connection between creation and redemption easy to follow. They were deeply moved by the power of the Bible’s own covenant narrative. Some were surprised to be opened to new ways of looking at God, his world, salvation, and themselves. The book is clear, thoughtful, and faithful to Scripture.”

—Robert A. Peterson

“Must reading for pastors and lay people alike. If you want to get the big picture of the whole Bible, take a look at this work.”

—Richard L. Pratt Jr.


Michael D. Williams (MTS, Harvard Divinity School; MDiv, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary; PhD, University of Toronto) is professor of systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary. He was professor of theology at Dordt College for six years before joining the Covenant faculty. Dr. Williams is author of This World Is Not My Home and coauthor, with Robert A. Peterson, of Why I Am Not an Arminian. He is also highly regarded for his insightful articles on the nature of theology, theological method, history, and homosexuality.


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